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Special Projects

Greenwich Dance regularly present the work of professional artists and companies within outdoor spaces and community centres around the borough. We will be developing several ways in which schools can be inspired by these artists to create dance pieces in PE or for stimuli within other subjects such as English and Design and Technology.

Projects vary from company to company and project to project. They may take the form of an invitation to take part in a choreographic ‘challenge’ followed by an invitation to perform the piece you have made within one of our festivals or events. Or we may have meatier projects on offer such as partnering a professional company with your school to create a curtain raiser. We will notify schools of these opportunities as and when we develop them alongside our family of artists.

• To support the development of ‘cultural capital’
• To provide access to professional dance companies and their work
• To demystify dance professions
• To create opportunities to develop curriculum learning
• To develop physical literacy, coordination and self-expression
• To increase physical activity with those less inclined to take part in traditional sport

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Photo by Dani Bower