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Primary School Project: Dance Discoveries

Dance Discoveries is a programme for primary schools designed to support the use of dance as a cross-curricular learning tool. Taking place within PE sessions, it will also enrich the delivery of your physical education curriculum and as such fulfil requirements for your PE and Sports Premium funding.

Taught by specialist dance artists across a term (or longer if required), the programme supports students to make further discoveries about their learning and embed understanding of curriculum topics through a physical and creative approach. The programme can be tailor made to suit your needs so, if there is a special theme or subject you are working on our dance artists will work together with you to bring the topic to life. The project is designed and delivered in partnership with each class teacher with sessions planned together and delivery shared.


• To support curriculum learning utilising a kinaesthetic approach
• To bring to life curriculum topics to aid understanding – particularly helpful for those who traditionally struggle within desk-based environments (to include children with dyslexia)
• To give space for creativity, enabling children to explore subjects and problem solve from a different angle
• To support the utilisation of creative dance techniques within the PE curriculum
• To share skills between dance artist and teacher
• To support teachers to continue to use dance as a tool for embodied learning beyond the life of the project
• To promote the acquisition of ‘cultural capital’

For further details including costs, contact Daniel at or call 020 8293 9741.

Dance Discoveries
Photo by Alicia Clarke