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Support Our Artistic Family

We work with an Artistic Family of professional artists to create high quality experiences for communities and audiences. We would like to invite Changemakers to sponsor a member of our Family to develop their art and practice whilst offering innovative engagement and performance offers for the borough.

• £5000 would provide commissioning funds for one of our Artistic Family to create and rehearse a work suitable for community centres or the outdoors.

• £1500 would pay for a short school project devised and delivered by one of our Artistic Family.

• £500 would sponsor a week of rehearsal space

Join our Changemakers scheme at one of three levels:
Tier 1 (£500)
Tier 2 (£1500) or
Tier 3 (£5000)
Payments can be made as an annual sum, installment or monthly direct debit or another flexible option can be arranged to help you give more easily.

Alternatively, to give a one-off amount you can donate using our Wonderful page

( take no admin fee so 100% of your donation will come to Greenwich Dance)