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What to Watch

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Here's a list of five incredible dance films to watch this week!

Under 5 Minutes

1. Rubberlegz - CYCLE
The caption for this film on YouTube is simply: The End is Just the Beginning. Watch this film and you'll understand exactly what that means as choreographer and dancer Rubberlegz seems to have no end and no beginning to his body...

Feature Length

2. Magnet Films - Sometimes I Dream I'm Flying
Weronika is a dedicated and talented young ballet dancer in Poland. Over the period of six years, this documentary film follows her journey from the renowned Warsaw Ballet School to the greatest stages of the world.

Dance On Screen

3. Nigel Charnock - You
This is a compelling film from the archive of the late performer and choreographer Nigel Charnock (one of the founding members of DV8). Verbal and physical slapstick suggests darker truths behind love, sex, and relationships. This dance monologue is performed by Dan Watson and Kier Patrick.

In Case You Missed It

4. American Dance Machine for the 21st Century - COOL from West Side Story
Watch this iconic number from the classic musical danced on the streets of New York City which premiered last month - we guarantee you'll be clicking your fingers all day!

Created in Quarantine

5. National Youth Dance Company - Meet the 2020-21 Dancers
Meet the next generation of ones to watch - the dancers from NYDC. This film was made by the dancers themselves in front rooms and back gardens from Preston to Brighton.

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