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What to Watch

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This week we have found five more gems from across the internet to enjoy. Don't forget, some of these are only available for a short time, so get watching while you can!

Dance On Screen

1. Jose Agudo & Zfin Malta National Dance Company - Selah
This 13 minute film was shot entirely in Malta and has a deeply spiritual feel. Created by Jose Agudo and Matthew Zacchary Beckett, it features five dancers from Zfin Malta National Dance Company.

Feature Length

2. La Patin Libre - Vertical
Filmed by Dance Umbrella in 2018, La Patin Libre are a troupe of ice skating contemporary dancers. What could be more exciting?!

Under 5 Minutes

3. Russell Maliphant - Act of Love
This may be a commercial for a Japanese condom brand (don't worry, it's safe for work), but it is also a stunning piece of choreography. Based on animal courtship rituals, it is a one of those adverts that just makes you smile. Enjoy!

Catch It While You Can

4. Tony Adigun's Avant Garde - Fagin's Twist
The untold story of a notorious and complex villain comes to live in this outstanding production. See Dickens’ Oliver Twist in a new light as Tony Adigun’s Avant Garde Dance flips your expectations of five familiar characters, with their unmatched hip hop contemporary style. Perfect for families with children aged 8+, this film will be available on The Place's website from Thursday 11 June. Here's the trailer to wet your appetite!

Created In Quarantine

5. San Francisco Ballet & New York City Ballet - Sequentia
It's not often you see the world class performers of San Francisco Ballet and New York City Ballet joining forces. For this film, created during lockdown, the dancers perform alone in their houses or gardens and have edited together this joyful footage.