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What to Watch

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In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, here is a list of 5 awesome dance flavoured films to watch this week.

Catch It While You Can

1. BBC iPlayer - Deep in Vogue
Deep In Vogue celebrates the colourful, queer, emotional and political stories of Northern Vogue and its people. Synonymous with the black, gay ballrooms of 1980s New York this documentary asks why we need Vogue in the UK now more than ever. Available on the BBC iPlayer for the next 6 months. Here's a trailer:

Under 5 Minutes

2. DV8 - To Be Straight With You: Christian Protestor
This production from DV8 was pretty groundbreaking when it was first performed in 2007. In this scene, the main performer plays a man who is joined by supporters protesting against gay adoption outside the Houses of Parliament.

In Case You Missed It

3. New Adventures - Drip: A Narcissistic Love Story
A Dance for Camera short film created in 1994 by Matthew Bourne and Frances Dickenson, and featuring a cast of New Adventures originals including Bourne himself.

Dance On Screen

4. Scottish Ballet - Frontiers
As part of Scottish Ballet's digital season, Frontiers explores outdated gender norms inherent in the classical ballet industry. Directed by Eve McConnachie and choreographed by San Francisco Ballet dancer Myles Thatcher—an exciting new talent working in the queer space.

Dance On Screen

5. Lexi Kiddo - In My Dreams I See Volcanoes
Part of The Barbican's The Art of Change Series from 2018, this film uses dance and poetry to explore its LGBTQ+ theme.

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