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Here is another selection of awesome dance films for your viewing pleasure!

Under 5 Minutes

1. Clarisse ROUD WORKS - MORPH
Inspired by the ways in which lockdown has affected us all, MORPH portrays how we are slowly adjusting and adapting to a completely new world and rethinking our everyday lives within a very highly controlled, secured and imposed new norms.

Created in Quarantine

2. Ania Straczynska - Conversations
Commisioned by Upper Norwood Library Hub, this film came out of several dance workshops in which members of the community in South London took part. Nine women of various ages and backgrounds came together to celebrate togetherness and champion individuality.

In Case You Missed It

3. Let Dua Lipa Teach You How To Dance | British Vogue
This tongue in cheek video sees recording artist Dua Lipa telling you all you need to know about how to dance - including this important things like what to wear and how to do a vocal warm up. Of course, you'll never be as good at dancing as her... but you might as well give it a go!

Dance On Screen

4. Sara Augieras - The Reeds
Created as part of Greenwich Dance's Make Your Own Dance Film series, Sara worked with choreographer Mathieu Geffré and film maker Roswitha Chesher to tell the story of two characters facing the North wind. An oak, confident and rooted, assures himself he is strong enough to resist anything. Meanwhile a quiet and vulnerable-looking reed swings with every blast. At the very last gust of wind the Oak is uprooted and the Reed bends.

Feature Length

5. Ballet Black - Like Water
Ballet Black's latest film was conceived, choreographed and directed by Olivier Award-winner Mthuthuzeli November so you know it's going to be good. Watch online for £3 - with the proceeds going to support the company to create new work and continue to fight for equality and antiracism.
See their website for trailer and film.

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