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What to Watch

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Here's a list of 5 cracking films to watch online this week!

Catch It While You Can

1. Crying in the Wilderness Productions - Conundrum
This play by Crying in the Wilderness Productions was due to open at the Young Vic in May. For obvious reasons, that didn't happen so the company has made a 30 minute solo version featuring Anthony Ofoegbu. We love its intensity, but also its choreography - which was created by Shane Shambhu. You can watch the full show on European Capital of Culture Rijeka 2020's YouTube Channel until 6th December. Here's the trailer:

Under 5 Minutes

2. Move Beyond Words - UN[BOX]ED
Move Beyond Words are a company that aims to amplify the voices of dyslexic dancers. Their first film explores one person's journey as they deal with the stigmas connected to Dyslexia through dance.

In Case You Missed It

3. Matthew Bourne's New Adventures - NOSTOS
Nostos, which premiered on Friday (“the homecoming”), follows the narrative of a young couple caught between their longing to return to what was once a happier, simpler time and their current reality. Separated by duty, they’ve learnt to endure life apart, but their long-anticipated reunion comes with more challenges than they had ever foreseen.

Created in Quarantine

4. Sarah Blanc - Dance How You Feel Right Now
During lockdown 1.0 choreographer Sarah Blanc created 2 films, Dance How You Feel Right Now & Dance How You Feel Right Now Together, bringing together hundreds of people from around the world. If you're interested in getting involved in Dance How You Feel Right Now part 3, email Sarah at for further information. Watch film number 1, right here:

Dance On Screen

5. Corey Baker Dance - Antarctica
Antarctica: The First Dance is performed by Madeleine Graham, star of the Royal New Zealand Ballet, on the stunning yet demanding ice planes of Antarctic.

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