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What to Watch

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Here are 5 fabulous dance films to watch online this week!

Created in Quarantine

1. Greta Gauhe - Memories of Skin
Using new and pre-lockdown footage, this film explores ways of connecting to ourselves and others in our minds as well as looking at various notions of touch and being touched.

Under 5 Minutes

2. Candoco Dance Company - The Argonauts (This film is not the show)
In June 2019, a group of disabled and non-disabled performers from the South Caucasus and Ukraine started rehearsals for a show that would become The Argonauts. It was going to come to London's Southbank Centre and be part of LIFT 2020...It didn't happen. Instead, this film is a glimpse of the Argonauts in their home countries and a way of marking what should have been.

Dance On Screen

3. The National Ballet of Canada - Lulu
Guillaume Côté created Lulu for his wife and fellow Principal Dancer Heather Ogden. Set to music by Max Richter, with a musical introduction by Kevin Lau, and performed outdoors, Lulu captures a woman’s courage and strength as she moves away from her difficult past and comes to terms with saying goodbye.

Catch It While You Can

4. Lost Dog - In a Nutshell
Originally conceived in the early days of the pandemic when it was unimaginable, Lost Dog’s single-shot short film In a Nutshell envisages a world in which theatres will never open again. In a Nutshell will be available to watch online for free from Wed 23 Sep, 7pm - Thu 22 Oct, 10pm on The Place's website. In the mean time, here's the trailer:

Feature Length

5. Igor x Moreno - Pulsar
EDGE Dance Company performers united across the globe for a reimagination of Igor x Moreno's Pulsar. In a new film specially adapted during lockdown, these 14 dancers create an intimate and honest connection with the viewer whilst performing remotely from their homes across the globe.

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