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What to Watch

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Here is a brand new list of amazing dance films to inspire you this week!

Feature Length

1. Kneehigh - The Neon Shadow
The Neon Shadow is a love story with a bitter twist. A modern fairytale for grown-ups and brave youngsters. It plunges head first into the depths of isolation, technology and desire and is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s rarely-told tale, The Shadow.

Created in Quarantine

2. Sarah Blanc and Samuel Morrison - Dance How You Feel Right Now: Together
180 videos, 230 people living in 78 cities in 22 Countries collected over May 2020, during lockdown. Influenced by the movement of a zoetrope; where a zoetrope produces the illusion of motion, we use colour to create a moving human rainbow, together.

Dance On Screen

3. Just Us Dance Theatre / Joseph Toonga - BORN TO MANIFEST
BORN TO MANIFEST is a 4 part series responding to Hip Hop theatre work Born to Manifest By Artistic Director Joseph Toonga. A work that Illuminates the systematic racial cycles and their impact on black British men.
Part 1 is a response collaboration from Theophillus Oloyade/Godson & Elliott Banks. You can see the other three parts on the Just Us Dance Theatre YouTube Channel.

Catch It While You Can

4. Akademi - The Troth
Featuring choreography by Gary Clarke and a star appearance by 2015 BBC Young Dancer finalist Vidya Patel, The Troth (Usne Kaha Tha) is a story of love, loss and sacrifice in World War I told through archive and new silent film footage, and an evocative sound-score. Only available until 7th September - get watching!

Under 5 Minutes

5. Alonzo King LINES Ballet - There is No Standing Still, Part 1
Created with Alonzo King LINES Ballet dancers from their homes throughout the Americas during the pandemic. Look out for some stunning backdrops in this one.

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