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What to Watch

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Here are more awesome dance films to watch online this week!

Created in Quarantine

1. Luca Silvestrini's Protein - The Sun Inside
An impressive 152 participants were invited to film the sun inside their homes during lockdown. The result is a beautiful dance film that is the perfect antidote to a rainy day.

Dance On Screen

2. Richard Chappell Dance - Silence Between Waves
Taking inspiration from the views of Berry Head in Brixham and the Singaporean dancers who perform the work, Silence Between Waves frames a conversation through movement and sound, connecting two places across the sea by reflecting on home and far away.

Feature Length

3. Boy Blue Entertainment - Emancipation of Expressionism
Choreographed by Kenrick 'H20' Sandy and directed by Danny Boyle, this short dance film was originally created on 2018 and comes with a playlist of behind the scenes footage, Q&As and tutorials so you can recreate the choreography at home.

Under 5 Minutes

4. Popin' Pete - Harlem Funk Renaissance
Created for Breakin' Convention by film maker Ben Williams during their 2017 tour of the US, legendary hip hop dancer Popin' Pete freestyles in the back streets of Harlem, New York.

Catch It While You Can

5. The Royal Ballet - The Sleeping Beauty
A chance to see Marius Petipa's classic The Sleeping Beauty accompanied by the orchestra of the Royal Opera House. Hurry though, it's only available until 7th August.

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