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Dancing to the Music of Time
Photo by Chris Nash


Greenwich Dance believe that dancing is one of the best ways to stay healthy. It keeps us physical and active - using holistic approaches to movement using the whole body and all of our muscle groups. It helps us to build confidence and self esteem through the accomplishment of new skills, it's fun and it offers us an outlet for our creativity.

But perhaps most importantly dance brings people together from a range of backgrounds and connects them through a shared experience ...and there's no reason why that should stop during lockdown or social distancing! Thats why we have reimagined our programme to bring you a range of online classes to keep us all active, creative and connected at a time when that feels so very important.

All classes are taught by our team of incredible talented artists who each have a huge wealth of teaching experience and are skilled at making everyone feel welcome - whether you are paid to dance as a professional or someone who dances when nobody is watching! And if you have never danced a step in your life before fear not - you are even more welcome to our dancing family as here you will be supported and your creativity nurtured. We believe that you can be you when you dance whatever your age, background or ability (as does our youth company member Priscilla who came up with that very slogan that we have now adopted as our own).

Our artists are getting used to dancing and teaching online, as you are too, so bear with us as we navigate through this lockdown and keep feeding back to us what you need and how we can improve and together we will make it through this!

Alongside our recreational classes we also run performance groups and these groups are still meeting virtually and taking part in a range of projects. Do let us know of this is something you might like to do in the future by contacting our Dancing to the Music of Time coordinator or our Lotus Youth Dance Company coordinator.

For more information on current classes, click on the links below. Over the next few months we will be adding to the programme so do keep checking back (or sign up to get our newsletter) to stay in the know.

From the Front to the Back
Photo by Alicia Clarke
Dancing to the Music of Time
Photo by Rob Ashton Baker