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Dancing to the Music of Time
Photo by Chris Nash


Our community activity is intertwined with our professional artist development and programming: with classes taught by world-class artists, guest workshops by renowned choreographers and opportunities to perform in our performance and events programmes.

Our wide-ranging programme celebrates the many roles that dance can play in our lives - whether that’s exercise, education or socialising. Regular recreational classes provides movers of all ages with a reason to come together to share an experience, learn something new or practice a skill. We also ensure we create space for your own movement vocabulary to come through and more often than not our recreational classes will end in something social – be that a trip to see a dance performance, a sharing or simply an opportunity to share tea and cake!

Alongside recreational classes, we also run performance groups for those of you who want to develop your skills and experience further and who are able and willing to commit to being part of a company. Being part of a group in this way can feel like being a part of a new dance family, working to create art together which is then shared and appreciated by friends, family and peers.

All of our classes are inclusive but if you have any questions and want to clarify accessibility, watch a class first or talk more specifically about how we can make you feel most welcome please do get in touch as we'd love to help.

For more information on current classes, click on the links below. Over the next few months we will be adding to the programme so do keep checking back (or sign up to get our newsletter) to stay in the know.

From the Front to the Back
Photo by Alicia Clarke
Dancing to the Music of Time
Photo by Rob Ashton Baker