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Professional Class: Rick Nodine

Solo forms and Contact Improvisation

Rick Nodine's class will be based on Contact Improvisation. Somatic images and solo patterns will underpin the warm-ups. Investigating and challenging your solo dancing will be your preparation for meeting others in Contact dances. Connecting deeply with others will lead you back to self awareness. Technical challenges and conceptual strategies will be offered to support you in learning something new.

12–16 June 2017
Charlton House
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Class tutor

Rick Nodine

Rick's dancing began socially as a teenager and the first technical form to channel his enthusiasm was Contact Improvisation. After some modern dance training, Rick performed through the 90s for British contemporary dance companies. He maintains an improvisational performance practice and has collaborated with many dancers, actors, musicians and designers to create improvised performance.

As a choreographer, Rick has made work for many contexts, including major opera houses, small theatres, art galleries, touring dance companies and warehouse parties. Rick now makes performance work that borrows from the strategies of installation art and participatory performance. His choreographic practice has followed and is sometimes led the development of his teaching. Rick started teaching improvisation at London Contemporary Dance School in 2001, and has gradually expanded the scope of his pedagogy to include composition, performance and voice/movement techniques.