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Professional Class: Mathieu Geffré

Mathieu Geffré's class lightly  borrows from the fundamental patterns of  Cunningham technique, supported by notions of Fasciatherapy.
We try to establish our sense of verticality without compromising the notion of movement.
Supported by an important use of musicality, the class focuses on activating the stabilizers and a strong centre in order to find efficiency within movement. We intend to build a body that is centred but alert and in motion. Starting from some simple standing exercises, the class slowly challenges the body’s reactivity. Technical though accessible to all, the training is above all about reconnecting with the pleasure of motion.

No class on Thursday 25 October

  • You will have access to The Old Library from 10:15.
  • For safety reasons, we cannot admit participants after 10.40am, or when the class reaches maximum capacity.
22–24 October 2018
Charlton House
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Mathieu Geffre
Photo by Rhys Cozens

Class tutor

Mathieu Geffré

Trained at the Paris Conservatoire, Mathieu Geffré has danced across Europe for the past 13 years. As a member of companies such as National Dance Company Wales or Dansgroep Amsterdam, he collaborated with many notable choreographers (Itzik Galili, Johan Inger, Angelin Preljocaj, Didy Veldman, Theo Clinkard and more). Awarded 3rd Prize Choreography during the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition, Mathieu is now dedicating his energy to teaching and choreographing. He is the artistic leader of the artistic project Rendez-Vous Dance. He was also commissioned by NDCWales, Nationaltheatre Mannheim, Boston Dance Theatre, Phoenix Youth Academy, Dance City CAT and Rambert School.