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Professional Class: Jean Abreu

Jeans class will focus on exploring exercises, for the body and the mind, which will encourage dancers to find a balance between strength and agility, technical precision as well as fluid intuition. Focusing in playing with ideas of organizing, re-organizing the body into shaping and re shaping exploring movement qualities and technique that will allow the body to go thought different levels with the minimum effort.

  • You will have access to The Old Library from 10:15.
  • For safety reasons, we cannot admit participants after 10.40am, or when the class reaches maximum capacity.
15–18 October 2018
Charlton House
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Photo by Ambra Vernuccio

Class tutor

Jean Abreu

British-Brazilian choreographer Jean Abreu movement language derives from a wide-range of sources, intertwining references from contemporary dance with his Brazilian dance influences. With an extensive experience in collaborating with a diverse range of dance artists, composers, visual artists and digital technologists, Jean brings to his classes a combination of mature articulated ideas and methodologies that are key to the development of the dance artists as performers and creative practitioners.