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Professional Class: Claire Cunningham

The classes will welcome in the New Year with steady postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), cleansing actions (kriyas) and relaxation (savasana). Claire encourages a mindful approach, working in a non-competitive environment. She is passionate about the benefits of yoga for dancers and believes the practice creates longevity in a dance career, along with a healthy body/mind balance. The flow of the class will leave you feeling both energized, relaxed and ready for the day ahead.

8–12 January 2018
Charlton House
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Claire Cunningham
Photo by Danilo Moroni

Class tutor

Claire Cunningham

Claire first encountered yoga during a twenty-year career as a professional dancer and rehearsal director with leading companies across Europe. It was during this period that she developed her understanding of yoga to strengthen performance potential, health and a general sense of well-being in such a physically demanding profession. Her love of Yoga in all forms developed into a career path when she was invited to write and teach a Yoga module for postgraduate students at London Contemporary Dance School in 2011.
“Yoga has been my greatest support through all cycles of life – in good health, bereavement, pregnancy, motherhood and as a dancer. I am passionate about the benefits of Yoga to create contentment, resilience and a healthy mind/body balance.”
Claire has studied many styles of yoga in India and Europe and holds a Yoga Alliance teaching qualification; a Japanese Bodywork certification from The European School of Shiatsu; and an MA in Contemporary Dance.