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Professional Class: Mary-Clare McKenna

Skinner Releasing TechniqueTMC (SRT) is a somatic approach with a systematic pedagogical development. The technique was created by Joan Skinner in the early 1960’s in the USA and was crafted and refined over fifty years. These classes foster a deep kinesthetic experience of movement. Dancers move within a framework of minimal strain and discover ways of tapping undiscovered sources of strength and energy. A combination of guided poetic imagery and hands on partner-studies guide the alignment to increased efficiency while encouraging a letting go of hidden tension patterns – leading to dancing that is nuanced, fluent and highly articulate. Movement principles of multi-directional alignment, autonomy, suppleness and economy are effortlessly cultivated.  Technical growth and creative process are integrated. 

There is no class on Bank Holiday Monday (Monday 1 May)

2–5 May 2017
Charlton House
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Mary-Clare McKenna

Mary-Clare McKenna is performer, choreographer and teacher. Skinner Releasing Technique has been her primary dance practice for twenty-years and since certifying as a teacher in 2001 she has taught widely in artistic communities in the UK, Europe and USA. This has involved periods teaching in universities and colleges. She is currently faculty on the Skinner Releasing Techniques Teacher Certification Program 2016/7 that prepares participants to teach the Introductory Pedagogy. Her choreographic work has been performed internationally in theatres, galleries and site-specific locations. It has included collaborations with filmmakers, visual artists, theatre directors and choreographers.