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NRgDance Online

NRgDance Online is a series of tutorials that can be accessed whenever you like. Our NRgDance dance artists will take you through a range of different styles for all ages and abilities.

Click on the 'Launch Lesson' button and head to our YouTube Channel to check them all out!

Before you start

• Make sure you find a safe space to dance

• Ensure the floor is clear, with no sharp or dangerous items around.

• If the floor is slippery please wear clean trainers or take the class in bare feet, if it is not too cold!

• Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that you can move in!

• Always have water close by so you can keep hydrated throughout our class

• If you feel unwell at any point during the class, or you experience any pain PLEASE STOP, PRESS PAUSE and continue when you are able.

• Feel free to adapt any movements to the range that is comfortable for you and your body

• And lastly please ensure that you let you parent or carer know that you are dancing