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NRgDance Online: Tutorial 1

Week 1 - Hip Hop Foundations with Ayshen (Icy Ice)

In this video Ayshen (Icy Ice), one of the artists on our NRgDance Team, will take you through some hip hop foundations to help keep you moving! The class is 13 minutes long and will take you through a short warm up, a short phrase and a creative task.

Don't forget - you can continue to add to the routine in your own spare time. Tag us at @Greenwich Dance using the hashtag #NRgDanceonline so we can see what you are creating!

Click 'Launch Lesson' on the right hand side of the page to be taken directly to the YouTube link. Remember you can subscribe to the channel to be notified everytime a new class is uploaded!

Before you start

• Make sure you find a safe space to dance

• Ensure the floor is clear, with no sharp or dangerous items around.

• If the floor is slippery please wear clean trainers or take the class in bare feet, if it is not too cold!

• Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that you can move in!

• Always have water close by so you can keep hydrated throughout our class

• If you feel unwell at any point during the class, or you experience any pain PLEASE STOP, PRESS PAUSE and continue when you are able.

• Feel free to adapt any movements to the range that is comfortable for you and your body

• And lastly please ensure that you let you parent or carer know that you are dancing