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Co-working rehearsal space

New for 2019, Greenwich Dance are offering co-working rehearsal space designed for those who want to do some to do some quiet personal practice or work with a friend/colleague.

We recognise that rehearsal space in London is expensive, and often artists don't require the use of a whole room but instead simply want a warm, bright space free of furniture and the cat/kids in which to run through a self-workout, test out movement vocabulary and choreographic ideas or plan a class.

The space - either the Old Library, Grand Salon or Long Gallery (depending on availability) - will be shared by up to 4 artists at one time. We recommend you plug yourself into headphones and carve out a section of the room, considerate of the other users, which is yours. That said, conversations are certainly not illegal and we would encourage you to draw upon the generosity and creative opinions of your co-workers should you want a critical friend. We are, after all, a community here to support eachother!

Co-working space is offered in 2 hour blocks at £6 per hour (£12 per block).

Should you want to rehearse with more than one other, it would be more cost effective for you to book exclusive use of the space which we can access for you at a special rate (£18 per hour with minimum booking of 6 x hours). Please note, this rate is reserved for artists associated with Greenwich Dance.

Book your co-working slot using the link on the right hand side of the page or call us on 020 8293 9741.

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