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Up My Street with ZoieLogic Dance Theatre

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Tell us a bit about you and your work

We challenge the perceptions of dance, who it’s for, where and how it is shown while entertaining audiences with our bold, risky, surprising shows, inspired by the wonderful world of cinema. We want as many people to experience dance as possible... to see it, be in it and help make it. We make shows and projects for you and create unforgettable experiences with you.

What will you be bringing to Up My Street?

You will get to meet Eric Miller the lead character from our detective show SLEUTH, where the audience get to choose which clues Miller follows. He will invite you to experience the wonders of his film noir world and how he follows one lead to the next.

You are used to performing in theatres and for this you will be in a community centre with minimal lights and technical support. Why is this important to you?

SLEUTH is designed to be shown in non theatre spaces and community centres are a perfect home for the show. It allows audiences to get up close and personal to the performers and really feel part of the world we build around them.

You will be back later this year with SLEUTH… tell us about this show and why do you think our audiences will like it?

SLEUTH is an up-close dance theatre mystery show unlike any other. Audiences sit inside the purpose built set, and must guide a tough, hard-boiled detective through the shady streets, seeking out answers. Every choice he faces is yours to make, and whatever you decide will change the way the story is told. It’s a show packed with dynamic movement and storytelling, high stakes and tricky characters, where you, the audience, are truly in control.

What other work are you doing at the moment and how can we find out more about you and your upcoming shows?

The best way to stay updated and hear first about our latest opportunities, join our team! Do check out our website for more information on what we've been upto. You can also catch us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @zoielogic