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The Origins of Ragtime and Grime Music

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If you have seen our show Ragtime to Grime - Bring It Home Tour, (or are planning to come to see it) you may be interested in finding out more about the origins of Ragtime and Grime music to help put the piece in context. And who knows....perhaps you'll be inspired to delve further into these interesting musical genres to find pieces, composers, singers and rappers you love!

Ragtime is an African American musical invention - a genre of musical composition for the piano containing a highly syncopated or ‘ragged’ treble lead over a rhythmical steady bass.

The musical style, a forerunner to jazz, was popular from around 1899 to 1917 and it took its influences from minstrel-show songs, African American banjo styles and the dance rhythms of the cakewalk.

Famous composers of the time included Scott Joplin, James Scott and Joseph Lamb .

Grime is a genre of electronic music that emerged in London around the millennium. It typically has syncopated breakbeats and an electronic/jagged sound. The name comes from journalists who referred to the heavy sub-bass as ‘grimy’.

The musical style bears influences of drum and bass, dancehall, ragga and hip hop and is defined by the beats per minute which are generally around 135/145. Rap is an important element of the genre.

Pirate radio stations were important in the early days of grime as they were the only places it could be heard until it became mainstream. Artists include Dizzee Rascall, Wiley and Stormzy.

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We will be sharing more music lists and more interesting weblinks in future blogposts so check back soon!

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