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Statement of Solidarity #BlackLivesMatter

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At Greenwich Dance we stand in solidarity with our black artists, communities and friends. We believe that #BlackLivesMatter. Greenwich Dance would not be the organisation it is without our black artists. Their voices, their art, their opinions and their ideas add to those of a range of diverse groups and individuals to make us who we are. We are a family, our black friends are a part of that family and we will work determinedly to protect that family.

Our work at Greenwich Dance is a commitment to our marginalised communities and recent events propel us, like they have many other cultural organisations, to be even more determined to ensure the diverse voices which enrich the world around us are heard and valued.

Greenwich Dance has decided collectively to take two immediate actions in response to the racism we see, still rife, before us. Our CEO is declaring an ‘Open Door Policy’ - inviting anyone to get in touch directly with her with ideas as to how we can combat racism and discrimination together. We will also turn our blog over to artists during the summer to respond to the #BlackLivesMatter cause. Longer term we pledge to continue to work with our immediate communities and likeminded cultural friends to ensure our sector, the part of the world we can have most influence upon, is safe and welcoming to all.

Greenwich Dance CEO Melanie Precious writes more in her personal blog here.

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