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Seen Ragtime To Grime? What Now?

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Feeling inspired now that you have seen our show? Your experience need not end there! Why don’t you….

1) Have a conversation
Find out more about your roots and heritage and have a conversation with your mum, dad, grandma, auntie, cousin or sibling and see where that leads you!

2) Research
Find out more about the history of Ragtime and Grime music - the composers, rappers, lyricists and musicians. What was going on in the world at the time and how do you think this influenced the style and feel of the music? Google is your friend of course but to help you get started we have compiled a short history here!

3) Watch Temujin's Up My Street Online episode
Take a look at our Up My Street Online episode where Temujin talks about the process of making Ragtime to Grime as well as the process he undertook in April working with a Greenwich community cast to make a film in lockdown

4) Try a new dance style!
Try out a dance style inspired by the era! Greenwich Dance have a range of online classes you could try including African fusion, hip hop dance and lindy hop.

5) Watch more dance!
It's been wonderful meeting you in the flesh but while theatres are closed we are also giving audiences a weekly round up of the best digital dance out there…..subscribe to our newsletter or follow us at @GreenwichDance and have more dance brought to you on your sofa in our weekly series called What to Watch.

6) Listen to our Podcast!
Interested in a dancer's creative process? Why not subscribe to our brand new podcast where we talk to two dance artists about a variety of different subjects.