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Ragtime to Grime the Blog - Daniella May

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Daniella May

Ragtime to Grime Character: Selfie

I am a versatile and dynamic dancer with a 1st class BPA Hons Degree from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and a Postgraduate Diploma from the London Contemporary Dance School.

I have toured nationally and internationally working across a broad range of dance, including; Contemporary, Commercial, foundations in Hip-Hop and African Dance Styles.

Most recently I worked with Sadler’s Wells Theatre and ZooNation Company on their West End production ‘Message In A Bottle’, as well as Idris Elba’s and Kwame Kewi-Armah’s production of ‘Tree’ at the Young Vic Theatre in London. I have previously performed in the West End run, as well as the International Tour of Stomp, as well as working with Southpaw Dance Company, Uchenna Dance, Tavaziva Dance, Corey Baker Dance, Rosie Kay Dance, and more.

‘Selfie’ is a charismatic and self obsessed person who doesn't really care for, or understand, what's happening around her; what came before her, or her own roots. She is wrapped up and consumed in the world of social media where she seeks validation to feel fulfilled, making her somewhat disconnected from reality.

The piece explores and highlights the struggles and difficulties that young people deal with in today's society, and how these have an impact on their mental health. Because of this, Selfie has many complex layers to her that she doesn't even realise she has. She needs to strive for more authenticity and less perfection in order to understand and accept who she really is. But she is stuck in the present world where society's pressures and oppression has formed her persona and way of thinking.

To be Continued...

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Photo by Kayliegh Price
Photo by Kayliegh Price
Photo by Daniel Phung