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Ragtime to Grime the Blog - Adrian falconer

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Adrian Falconer

Ragtime to Grime Character: Blackout

Adrian C. Falconer is an Actor, Dancer, Choreographer & Teacher and is passionate about passing on his knowledge and life experiences through dance classes and workshops. Adrian also trains as a core member of Bird Gang Dance Company and is continuously trying to find ways to become a better creative in all aspects of performing arts alongside his peers in the company.

His performing background originally began in Hip Hop Dance, Afro/Caribbean and Physical Theatre at City & Islington College. He went on to study BA Hons Dance and Performing Arts at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA).

Adrian has danced at many Global and Corporate Events such as Red Bull, London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony and Mary Poppins Returns London Premiere. Adrian also works very frequently in television with celebrities including Kath Ryan, John Cleese, Fleur East, Plan B, Alesha Dixon, Steps and Spice Girl Mel C. Adrian has also worked in feature films and such as Rocketman, Horrible Histories - ‘THE MOVIE’, Upcoming 2021 Movie 'Operation Mincemeat' and has performed and choreographed a scene in the Lucasfilm, SOLO - ‘A Star Wars Story’.

The character ‘Blackout’ is a reflection of the financial, social and psychological adversities that young people of the modern era maybe facing today. Blackout himself has become more concerned with his own problems, and is less concerned with the means in which he has to do that. He disregards the challenges past generations of his own culture have faced. No one has ever really showed him or taught him that there may be a better way. What matters to ‘Blackout’ is survival, family and friends don’t exist. Money, food, shelter are the only thing that matter to him and he will do whatever he needs to do to get it, even if it haunts him forever.

To be continued..