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Ragtime to Grime - Bring it Home

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Temujin Gill - Grounded Movement Artistic Director

''Greenwich Dance approached me with the idea of including a blog page for our Ragtime to Grime - Bring it Home Tour. The show marks Black History Month by exploring the stories of young people mentally adrift and feeling disenfranchised from history. It highlights the cathartic impact of music, and the power this has to anchor us in our own lives. I felt this blog could be a really interesting opportunity, and after some thought we agreed on the proposal for the performers to write a blog about their experiences on the project and their creative journey within developing their material. It also became clear that this would act as a spring-board for the next stage for the production's development, and create a legacy to the tour. The brief for the performers blog is to introduce themselves as artists, and to also introduce us to their characters within the work, so we get an insight into the piece from the performers perspective. In other words, to get into their creativity and thought processes.

Throughout this 3 week period, they will reflect, through their own research and exploration, how issues relevant to their characters, play out in the real world. In this way, they will further develop their characters and the work in response to others stories and the wider subject of social and cultural pressures on young people in particular. I'm really excited to see how this blog goes, and what we can learn from joining these wonderful performers and creators on their personal journeys of discovery and reflection.''

To be Continued...

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Photo by George Dyer