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10 minutes with Vivian Triantafyllopoulou

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You teach at Newhaven PRU for us on our CACT funded scheme. Can you tell us about the work you do there?

At Newhaven PRU we work every week for an hour and a half with young people teaching contemporary dance and hip hop. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding classes I teach. The young people in the PRU need extra support from us as teachers and we need to adapt very quickly to each person’s needs of the day. There is nothing more magical though than helping them make steps towards who they want to be, helping them believe in themselves and achieve goals. A smile on their face, a movement trick they managed to achieve or a dance they created, moves me deeply and reminds me the power of dance. We have built a lot the ideas of teamwork, trust, creativity, support, fun, groove and achieving your goals. These young people are special to me and I am honoured to teach them every week. They are true inspiration.

What styles of dance do you teach, and do you have a favourite?

I teach a variety of styles! I teach improvisation, contemporary, contemporary hip hop, dance theatre and I have also taught Greek folk dancing. It is very hard to pick a favourite, but I would maybe choose dance theatre as I Iove the connection between character work and dance.

Do you do anything else outside of teaching?

I am an active performer working as a freelancer in different projects. I also create my own work and at the moment I have a new piece starting touring in 2020 called ‘Ego Mas’ which is a collaboration with a Greek band, Sevengill. I am also a student at Mass Media and Communication department in a Greek university.

Can you tell us about the dance scene in Greece? What’s the training like and which exciting choreographers should we look out for?

The dance scene in Greece is growing more and more. Greece has many talented dancers and the training is very physical. There are also lots of dance festivals in Greek islands that have workshops and great performances. I would look out for Rootless Root who have become well known in UK as well, Dimitris Papaioannou, Andonis Foniadakis as well as for emerging choreographers as Martha Passakopoulou.

And finally, favourite song to dance to at a wedding/party?

I went to a beautiful wedding recently and they played ‘Mr Brightside’. It is a song it always gets me up dancing no matter how many years ago it came out!