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Meet the Team: Ragnhild Olsen

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Ragnhild Olsen
Finance Manager

How long have you been working with Greenwich Dance?

I have been working for Greenwich Dance for about 7 years.

You are the Finance Manager - what does your job entail?

Making sure all aspects of the day to day and future planning of the business works from a financial viewpoint, as well as understanding the artistic one.

You haven’t always been an accountant.... you were once a dancer. Tell us about your dancing life?

I trained in Norway and Paris, worked in Germany for a few years before settling in London. Altogether I worked as a freelance dancer and teacher for about 20 years.

What prompted the decision to shift career so drastically? From stage to numbers.... quite a jeté!

Most career changes are big events in people's lives, even if some seems more natural/organic from the outside. I found the decision making hard, but as soon as I got started studying, I found it incredibly rewarding. What felt like a 'grand jeté' beforehand was more like a shift of weight! My reasoning was simple, I really like dancing and maths!

Best and worst bits of the job?

Worst bit – uncertainty/arts/funding. Best bit – being part of an amazing team and together with them looking after an organisation like Greenwich Dance, which means looking after people.

What are you looking forward to in Greenwich Dances future....?

More certainty, dancing and joy.

We’ll see you at the Greenwich Dance fundraising wine tasting. What's your wine of choice?

White in the summer, red in the winter and fizzy throughout.