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Meet the Team: Lucy White

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Lucy White
Freelance Marketing Consultant

How long have you been working with Greenwich Dance?

I have been working with Greenwich Dance for about a year.

You are the Marketing Consultant – what does your role entail?

My role involves creating a marketing strategy for promoting the events, classes and courses that Greenwich Dance offers. I work with an external designer to create printed materials for distribution in Greenwich and throughout London, plan advertising and build on their social media campaigns. Basically, anything I can do to help spread the word about the work this remarkable company are doing.

What is it that excites you about Greenwich Dance at the moment?

Greenwich Dance are a small team with a big vision. I am particularly excited about the programme of cabaret style performances coming up, and I am looking forward to seeing them flourish into regular events over the next couple of years. Their idea of moving away from being a “hub” style organisation into one that actively takes dance into the heart of the community is inspiring. I feel incredibly lucky to be involved in that journey.

You are freelance – we pay you two days a month (although you stretch those two days we well know and appreciate...). What types of work make up your working week?

As a freelancer, I’d say there is never a typical week. I have clients all over the country so I can often be found hunched over my laptop on a speeding train, heading somewhere exotic like Salford or Eastleigh. When I’m not travelling, I’m usually at home working on campaigns for clients including Joss Arnott Dance, Siobhan Davies Dance or Sadler’s Wells. My work for Greenwich Dance is also quite varied and can include planning marketing campaigns for events like Greenwich Dances Moving Eltham or working with an external designer to create print for a fundraiser.

Now tell us….as someone who works from home do you work in pyjamas or get dressed in work attire?!

Ha ha! Occasionally I have been known to work in my pyjamas. But it is quite rare and usually happens if I’ve had a particularly hectic day previously, or I’m feeling under the weather. There’s no sick pay when you’re freelance you know! Having said that, I don’t think you could ever call my wardrobe smart. I’m usually in jeans and a cosy jumper. I try to get out of the house at lunch time or I tend to go stir crazy! I’m not much of one for going to Tesco in my nightwear!

What do you think are the qualities of a good Marketing Manager?

A good marketing manager needs to be able to plan and adapt. First, you have to understand your audience, plan how you are going to reach them and then adjust your campaign depending on what’s working and what’s not. Tailoring your message to suit who you are trying to talk to is very important, as is understanding what makes the event you’re working on unique. I love how marketing is not just about spending money on advertising, it’s about building relationships – with local partners, other similar organisations, artists, and most importantly audiences.

Best and worst bits of your working life?

The best bits of my working life are getting to work with lots of really lovely people (especially the team at Greenwich Dance!) and on lots of incredible projects. I really have been so fortunate since going freelance to have worked on a wide variety of initiatives, from the London Mela (a celebration of South Asian Culture) to the UK Dance Showcase and more. There’s never a dull moment!

The worst bits are probably working alone. It is easy to get bogged down under the weight of self-doubt when you have no one to bounce ideas off. Luckily, my husband also works in arts marketing, so I occasionally use him as a sounding board!

We hear you like photography when you have free time…tell us more about that?

I absolutely love taking photos, especially of my friends, family and cat! I joined a club a few years ago called Muswell Hill Photographic Society and am now the Co-President. We get together once a week to look at photos, listen to other photographers who come to give lectures on their art, have competitions and discuss projects we’re working on. It’s a wonderful creative release and a great way to meet new people and enjoy something you love doing.

We have recently held a fundraising wine tasting and been asking our team what their tipple of choice is. What would yours be?

It’s going to sound controversial, but I’m a white wine drinker and I do like a nice oaky Chardonnay. Not everyone’s wine of choice I know, but I much prefer it to the more acidic ones like Sauvignon Blanc. Wow, that almost sounded like I know what I’m talking about…!