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Life in Lockdown: Rosalind Holgate Smith Prt 2

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Australia Dreaming-Postcard Series

I drew and painted many trees and in doing so noticed that the forms of the great eucalyptus trees looked abit like mushroom tops. In seeing this reflected through my drawings I came to learn of the of the biological web of communications below ground where there are interconnections between trees and plants who exchange nutrients and carbon with and through mycelium.

Made of Wood

A performance made in collaboration with Emily Bowman (AU), in response to a piece of driftwood washed up on a beach along the New South Wales coast. Through dance, Made of Wood, tells a tale of being dismembered from the land, lost at sea and shipwrecked. As refugees in the fallout of a catastrophe, time shifts to sense gently into the discovery of place and people where developing sensory connections give shape to emergent ecologies of belonging.

The performance developed during a residency in which we explored indigenous practices of wandering, tracing ancestral tracks, dreaming with the land, storytelling and song. In June 2020 it was performed for the local community of Berrara, a coastal village in the Conjola National Park.


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