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Life in Lockdown: Maria da Luz

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#GDLifeinLockdown 2.0

Life in Lockdown is a blog series initiated by Greenwich Dance which features community and professional arists close to the organisation sharing how they are staying creative during these isolating times.

Maria da Luz - Dancer, Choreographer, Educator and Movement Director

Is it really happening?

I worked until the last week when Lockdown was imposed. My final job was working at a primary school in London. I could sense the nervousness in the children’s eyes, but felt I needed to reassure the children could take care of their grownups, as they were about to experience difficult times.

The journey there felt unusual as I was one of the few passengers the train was carrying. I could see the snake like movement from within the train as it was going through bendy passages. It felt eerie and unreal.

As job opportunities began to disappear the uncertainty began to set. As an artist I knew that my creativity could save me and help me stay sane. As a mother of 3 teens, all at very different stages, with very different needs, I knew I had to be strong for them.

What should I do to stay creative? What does it mean to be creative? I realised that Covid-19 had not brought change in the lives of many of us. So, I began to look in detail at my everyday life and let that inspire the rest of my life.

I discovered it included washing the dishes, delicious fruits like apples and strawberries. Having the eyes of an artist to appreciate the feeling of the water on my hands, the sound of the colours of my cups, the texture of my strawberries and the colours of my apples. I could do a dance with that or make a pie and have a cup of tea to accompany it! Followed by an online class!

I also decided to involve my children in my creative ideas outside the house. Dancing, making music, filming and photographing my work. Helping them find a sense of what the creative professional world might offer them.

This period has brought us closer as a family, as I can see their world a bit closer and they can see mine. Although Covid-19 is still with us, I feel that what we have gone through as a community, will help us through future challenges, whatever they may be.
I choose to stay positive and allow myself to accept and surrender to this uncertainty.


About Maria da Luz
Maria da Luz is a dancer, educator, choreographer and movement director based in London. She was in the original cast of The Lion King and has recently performed for Tate and The London College of Fashion. Maria da Luz regularly teaches for Greenwich Dance and recently choreographed 'Grace' in collaboration with Colleen Joseph, a gratitude dance to the NHS and to honour the ones who have passed, working with an intergenerational cast drawn from GD’s Dancing to the Music if Time and Youth company Lotus.

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