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Life in Lockdown: Leah Marojevic

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Life in Lockdown is a blog series initiated by Greenwich Dance which features community and professional arists close to the organisation sharing how they are staying creative during these isolating times.

The artists have been asked to log their day-to-day activity during lockdown. Heres a look at artist Leah Marojevic's week!

Leah is a contemporary dance artist who performs, makes performance, writes, teaches, directs and artistically supports other dance makers. Leah collaborates regularly with Theo Clinkard and Colette Sadler, and has worked with choreographers, visual artists and companies; Sarah Browne, Pauilina Olowska, Joe Moran, Sam Williams, Megan Rooney, Candoco Dance Company, Clod Ensemble, Darcy Wallace, Skånes Dansteater, Seke Chimutengwende, and Becky Hilton among others. Leah has worked for and within Greenwich Dance since 2014 and in the last years has been leading Open Professional Classes and Workshops for anyone who enjoys moving.

Hello from my number one London lockdown spot... this window has seen it all! My coffee, my wine, my fags, my laughs and my tears. I am here in Lockdown at a pub in North East London with six others. We have been finding meaning, comfort and solace through varying activities, including pretending we're at a club, bleaching each others hair, doing at home tattoos, cooking, fermenting, pickling, roasting, and baking everything known to woman, crying laughing, cuddling, dancing and singing (a lot) together.

From here I send the deepest strength and love to the lost freelancing dancers especially... we'll be dancing together again soon. Sweaty, hot, scenty and fleshy - oh yes we will!

Sometimes a cat stretch happens, but a yoga mat has been a wonderful tanning bed the last weeks, taking after my spirit animal and greatest lockdown inspiration, Topo. Keep being so soft and kind to your bodies. My life motto at the moment is: Everything that you need to do that means you get through another day, as long as it doesn't harm yourself or others, is ALLOWED!

Now, I'm gonna pour a glass of wine. Cheers to YOU, to our key workers, to our bodies and to Topo xxx

Celebrated a lockdown birthday and received a beautiful calligraphy set which has brought so much surprising joy. Who knew I'd be crushing on gothic letters in the bottom of a Pub.

Cuddling my best friends in this house is the most important daily activity (after coffee obvs) that has kept me feeling human, loved and soft against this hard, two meter distance reality. If you have friends, lovers or pets in your home, get to touching them and quick!

This is Jofetto in the beer garden, he's studying Fashion Photography and we have been playing doing photoshoots and all sorts while the sun has been out in London.