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Life in Lockdown: Eleni Edipidi (Prt 2)

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#GDLifeinLockdown 2.0

Today I performed for an online platform for new work from home presented by Word of Warning. Domestic “at homes”, invited six artists to try out new works about what’s on their minds — using whatever resources they have to hand…

What can you make when your kitchen table is the stage + your camera is the audience? Real lives, real stories, real homes. 6 artists, 6 commentaries on where we find ourselves now.

I reworked and restaged Canapé Art; our beloved and popular cabaret act performed since 2009 (and a more than a couple of times at Greenwich Dance cabarets...!) by 2 identically dressed female performers. The choreography, costumes, props and soundtrack are always inspired by the theme of the event or festival. For DOMESTIC I created a bespoke act performed by myself whilst my partner Nathan Johnston, sat in the background drinking beer, eating popcorn and watching TV. "The highs and lows of romance in lockdown;"

Here is a small edited clip of the work:

After last night's performance I feel quite tired and drained but satisfied...( haven't been used to performing for a while).

I am teaching an online 'Conditioning & Stretching' class for dancers and aerialists with @FloatingFitnessLondon

Planning my Saturday morning 'Conditioning Flow' online class. Here's a fast forward version of the class:

We would be starting the creation of our new intergenerational show (family of 5, inspired by True Crime Drama). We have to put this aside for a while...

I also worked on our beautiful, new website with our visual director Gopan Iyadurai. So happy I took this time to learn a new skill and now I can make alterations and updates when needed.

Enjoy your visit!