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Help Us Tackle Loneliness through Dance

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Never before has it been so important to feel part of a community and to connect with loved ones. Over the past few months we have all found different ways to stay sane and keep in touch. People are doing things they might never have considered before… family Zoom’s, online quizzes, online scrabble, even online wine tastings! And many have been dancing…

“Now since the lockdown I’m taking classes online via zoom. Dance is very important to me. It’s a way that I express myself.” Natasha

Greenwich Dance moved its classes online almost straight away so that people could come together, exercise and stay creative. It has meant so much to our team to know that we have been able to provide something for people in a time of need. We have created films together, laughed together and made many memories.

“It gives me a level of physical fitness, I’m working from home and I’m sitting at a computer all day so being able to do something that’s physically active is great for me.” Flavia

“Dance classes online with Maria give structure and fulfilment to my week, without it I would be lost.” Belinda

“Sometimes I wonder what I’ve been doing these past few months dancing around my bedroom on Zoom and at my age… but I know it’s the acceptance, fun and emotional support we’ve given each other through the sessions that makes it work so brilliantly” Joanna

“For me it’s been important to make sure I have a slot to take care of myself. When our home becomes an office, school, restaurant and everything else, it is important I have time to do something I enjoy.” Fabiola

However, we know there are many more people out there for whom the internet, dance, or both are simply too overwhelming. And this is where we need YOUR help.

Our classes can be accessed for free if cost is a barrier, and can provide a lifeline for those who may not have the support of others nearby. We have classes for all ages in a variety of styles and genres, including classes designed for older people over the age of 55.

So, if you know someone at risk of loneliness or isolation, reach out and guide them our way. They may need you to suggest a class, to help them download and set up Zoom or simply to share your wifi.

Together we can tackle loneliness through dance.

“Our togetherness has been a lifeline through this.” Margie

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