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Compass Commissions

Applications for the next round of Compass Commissions have now closed. Find out about the successful applicants for this round of Compass Commissions.

Compass Commissions is The Greenwich Dance & Trinity Laban Partnership’s flagship artist development scheme, supporting selected UK-based artists throughout the process of creation. The programme enables innovative concepts to thrive by offering a unique set of resources: cash funds, extensive creation space, advice and production development support. The performances that follow welcome new and existing audiences and raise the standards of productions available for national and international touring.

The offer supports the creation of new works from three strands: site-sensitive, theatre based and works for family audiences. To date, the Compass Commissions programme has supported 6 new dance works from concept to premiere.

For further information on Compass Commissions projects please contact Lydia Wharf or 020 8293 9741.

Compass Commissions

Robert Clark

To be premiered in March 2018

Rachael Young

Premiere date tbc

Compass Commissions

Charlotte Spencer

Is This a Waste Land?
Premiere in October 2017

Julie Cunningham

To be premiered in April 2018

Laura Dannequin & Stephanie McMann

Premiere date tbc

Previous Compass Commissions
Premiered between 2013–2017

Tara D’Arquian: In Situ

A site-sensitive work
Premiere: September 2013

Robin Dingemans & Nick Bryson: The Point at Which It Last Made Sense

A theatre-based work
Premiere: March 2014

Mimbre: Bench

A work for family audiences
Premiere: April 2014

Dan Daw: Beast

Premiere: November 2015

Sarah Dowling & Kath Duggan: Us then

Premiere: November 2015

Rahel Vonmoos: to find a place

Premiere: January 2016

Wendy Houstoun: untitled

(Work in development)

Botis Seva: Woman of Sun

Theatre-based work
Premiered November 2016

Stephanie Schober: Tracing Gestures

Site-sensitive work
Premiered February 2017

Tom Roden & Anna Williams: The Buildy-uppy Dance Show

Work for family audiences
Previewed in April 2017

Tom Roden and Anna Williams falling through a pile of boxes
Photo by Chris Nash
Two performers trace their movement through charcoal on the floor
Photo by Chris Nash