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Kerry Biggin teaches class
Photo by Chris Nash


The independent dance sector is something to cherish and Greenwich Dance pledge to support this community of dance artists, producers and makers in as many ways as we can.

Up My Street
Over the next few years we will be building relationships and projects with a number of artists and companies, jointly designing cultural opportunities for our communities here in Greenwich and beyond. You can see this in action by checking in with our Up My Street Online project showcased on our Digital Stage where we commissioned four of our Artistic Family: Mathieu Geffré, ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, Sarah Blanc and Temujin Gill to create unique dance for camera pieces with a Greenwich community cast in lockdown. This work will be continuing with a doorstep performance created by Temujin Gill coming up over Autumn!

Talking Moves: The Podcast
During the pandemic our professional development offer will take the form of digital engagement and forming part of that is our brand new podcast Talking Moves - where artists come together to share practice, experience and ideas. Subscribe here for episode updates!

Digital Stage
We recognise that there is a lot of work out there at the moment and its hard to get your voice to be heard and film to be seen. If you have work you have created for digital consumption do let us know as it may be that we can help raise awareness through our weekly What To Watch series which we share on social media and via our Digital Stage. To make your recommendation please email us.

Professional Class
We want to support those of you who are offering classes for eachother online and so asked dancers Mathieu Geffré, Andrew Gardiner and Cherilyn Albert to give us a bit of an 'edit' of some of the best classes they have found on their internet travels.

If you want to recommend a dance class please email us with the details and we will take a look!

Do keep checking back for updates as the world is moving fast right now and we will be adding new opportunities and activities in due course!

Kerry Biggin teaches class
Photo by Chris Nash