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City to City Cabaret London 2011
Photo by Avatara Ayuso

About us

Founded in 1993 and based centrally within the Borough at Charlton House, Greenwich Dance finds inspiring spaces for innovative dance creation, performance and community participation: creating quality opportunities to make, watch and take part in dance regardless of age, background or ability.

We work with world-class artists and practitioners to support them to make and bring their work to the community we live and work within, here in South East London. We then present this work in performances, events and festivals alongside a programme of creative dance classes for ages 0 - 100+, in collaboration with a network of likeminded venues and organisations across the borough of Greenwich and beyond.

We believe you don’t have to be a trained dancer to move or create. We work with older people, younger people and everyone inbetween to create inspirational opportunities to enjoy the act of moving together, making together and celebrating what it is to be you. These experiences we then share with professional artists to ensure the creative cycle continues…. investing in people, in dance and in you.

Of the utmost importance to us is the ability to share ideas and learn about eachother so that we can build better programmes that reflect the cultural influences, ideas and personalities of the artists and communities we work with.

“Since taking retirement my weekly classes have been a stable and securing feature of my life… They give us the opportunity to become creative within the choreographic process and provide social contact with the others in the class, some of whom have become good friends.” Attendee of the weekly over 55’s sessions.

“A fantastic space where artists can create, teach and do whatever they need to grow… free from the oncoming traffic of pressure and expectation.”
Akram Khan, dance artist

"Dancing makes me feel free, it allows me to express myself and unlocks things inside me I didn't know were there" participant of Lotus Youth Dance Company.

A dance artist performs at the National Maritime Museum
Photo by Alicia Clarke
Emma Houston in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel
Photo by Dan Lowenstein
Stephanie Schober's Tracing Gestures
Photo by Chris Nash